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Who We Are?

Welcome to – website which will help peoples around globe to understand their IKIGAI … purpose of life through Life Financial Planning.

It’s all started way back in year 1999, two decades back, when founder of this concept called Life Financial Planning has started his life journey with introspecting his life & relationship of LIFE & FINANCIALS.

Abhay Shah, Certified Financial Planner, is known for his knowledge and commitment for spreading awareness between investor community.

Story starts in year, 1999 when he joined M/S Patel &Kapadia, Chartered Accountant, the then giant firm in Financial Management which led his basic foundation of ethics in financial management professional services.

For serving around three year’s and taking all guidance with CA Shri Rameshji Kapadia, Sr Chartered Accountant from more than forty year’s now, has started his own firm in year 2001.

In year 2001, when he recognized need to lift quality of life through not only money part but through other areas that matter most though grossly ignored by human being in last 100 year’s called WHEEL OF LIFE.

WHEEL OF LIFE is a self-introspecting tool that can help you to balance your life in all facets that might assist you to be successful with peace.

He started with working on self as a first client, the most difficult one as he has to push all his limits to start working with discipline in all sections of life.

Slowly yet gradually he shifted his gears and added around 350 clients by 2010 and started helping them in many areas of life financial management which ultimately help families to be peacefully successful and reach their life financial goals.

In year 2012, he was awarded by CNBC AWAZ for his contribution to Financial Planning Profession.

In last 8 year’s he has contributed to client’s wealth & health planning by fine tuning Financial’s with Life Planning.

One can review TESTIMONIALS of his client’s all over India that can let you feel how this process of LIFE FINANCIAL PLAN can help family to re discover happiness & peace in life.


Life & Financial Management - To Reach every household and educate them about importance of LIFE FINANCIAL PLANNING.


Serve Indian families to Fine Tune relationship between Life & Financial.

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