Who We Are?

Welcome to abhayshah.com – A website that will help people around the globe to understand their IKIGAI i.e purpose of life through Life financial Planning.

Our story

It all started way back in the year 1999, almost two decades back when the founder of this concept called Life Financial Planning has started his life journey by introspecting his life & relationship with LIFE & FINANCIALS. Abhay Shaha, A Certified Financial Planner, is identified for his acumen, sharp knowledge and intricate commitment. In fact, he is also known for spreading awareness among the investor community.

The story starts back in the year 1999 when Abhay joined M/S Patel & Kapadia, Chartered Accountant, the then renowned 40 years old CA firm known for its work in Financial Management which led to Abhay's basic foundation of ethics in professional financial management consultancy.

Abhay worked rigorously with CA Shri Rameshji Kapadia for three years, and during this tenure, Abhay equipped himself with all the required knowledge and skills. He took the blessings of Rameshji and started his own consultancy firm in the year 2001.

In the year 2001, when he recognized the need to lift the quality of life through not only the finance aspect but also through other areas that equally mattered though grossly ignored by human beings since ages. We call this - WHEEL OF LIFE.

WHEEL OF LIFE is a self-introspection tool that can help you to balance your life in all areas that might assist you to be successful with peace. Abhay started with working on himself as a first client, the most difficult one as he had to push all his limits to start working with discipline in all aspects of life.

Slowly but steadily he grew his client base to 350+ by 2010, He started helping them in different areas of life financial management which ultimately contributed to families' peaceful progression to achieve their life financial goals. In the year 2012, his work in Financial Planning was recognized and awarded by CNBC AWAZ.

In the last 8 years he has contributed significantly to help his clients with wealth & health planning by linking Financial goals with Life goals.

One can review the TESTIMONIALS of his happy and satisfied clients all over India that can let you feel how this process of LIFE FINANCIAL PLAN can help your family to rediscover happiness & peace.


Life & Financial Management - To Reach every household and educate them about the importance of LIFE FINANCIAL PLANNING.


Help Indian families to achieve their Life & Financial Goals.